Taco Del Mar

The TACO DEL MAR® menu offers a fast, fun and delicious alternative to traditional Mexican food. We feature large, hand-rolled burritos and rippin’ fish tacos made to order just the way you want them. The service is fast, the people are enthusiastic, and the restaurants are inspired by beach culture. So grab your surfboard and let’s head out to grab the next wave together!

Our History

The very first TACO DEL MAR® restaurant opened its doors on June 8, 1992 on Pier 57 in Seattle’s historic waterfront district.

The founders created a name and logo that reflected the signature menu items—the fish tacos and Mission style burritos they had fallen in love with during their college surfer days in California.

“Mission Style” refers to the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco – historically the center of Latino American life in the Bay area – where the TACO DEL MAR® style of burrito has been popular for decades.

In the early eighties, the Mission style burrito began to appear in small shops in other surrounding neighborhoods of San Francisco, and the popularity exploded from there. Now, as far as fish tacos are concerned…

It all started improbably in San Diego sometime in the late sixties when a surfer group went in search of the perfect wave. They headed south of the border. After riding the waves all morning, the gang made the trek back up the cliffs and discovered the local taco: fried fish, shredded cabbage, a lime squeeze, salsa and the mystery white sauce. Indeed, fish tacos turned out to be a popular staple food served throughout the border towns of the Mexican-California border. So…

It was decided that the marriage of the Mission style burrito and Seattle’s renowned seafood would be a natural – as would the traditional Northern Baja version of the fish taco. A great decision!

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